HW 12: Lesson Plan (Initial Draft)


Prepared by:

Colleen Donica F. Garcia

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

A. Cognitive

1. Predict what will happen in the story.

2. Identify and recall the different event in the story.

3. Construct their own interpretation of the text

B. Affective

1. Share their own realizations after reading the story.

2. Discuss and relate the story to their own lives.

3. Complete the given worksheet and activity given to them.

C. Psychomotor

1. Write and color on the paper leaves given to them

2. Paste their paper leaves on the tree diagram

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

B. Date of Presentation: November 26 / December 3 2016

C. Title of the Presentation: The Gift Of Giving

D. Duration: 30 Minutes

E. Materials: The Giving Tree Book, Leaf Templates, Tree Bulletin Board, Worksheets, Crayons/ Coloring Materials, Whiteboard, and Marker

F. Activities: Predicting, Improving Vocabulary, Story Mapping, VIP’s or Very Important Points, Writing and Coloring Activity, Sharing Activity, Answering of Worksheets

G. References (APA format):

1. Silverstein, S. (1964). The Giving Tree. USA: Harper Collins Publishers

2. NA. (2016). The Giving Tree. Retrieved from http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book/giving-tree#cart/cleanup

3. NA. (ND). Unique Teaching Resources. Retrieved from http://www.uniqueteachingresources.com/Giving-Tree-Lesson-Plans.html

4. M. (2012). Improve Students Reading Comprehension With a Range Of Pre- Reading Activities. Retrieved from http://www.brighthubeducation.com/lesson-plans-grades-1-2/4316-pre-reading-activities-to-improve-reading-comprehension/

5. NA. (ND). Building Comprehension Through Pre-, During-, and Post- Reading Strategies. Retrieved from http://www.teachingasleadership.org/sites/default/files/Related-Readings/SL_Ch4_2011.pdf

III. Procedure

A. Pre-reading

1. Unlocking of Difficulties

A. Improving Vocabulary

– The learners are given 2-5 difficult words that they will try to guess the meaning.

B. Predictions

– The learners will be asked to predict what will happen in the story based on the title.

2. Motivation Tandem

a. Motivation Question : What do you think is the story about based on the title/ cover?

b. Motive Question: Why is the tree called the Giving Tree?

B. During Reading

Story Mapping

– The learners will supply the given information to complete the diagram on the board.

C. Post-reading

Continuation of prediction and improving vocabulary activity

– The learners will look at their predictions and evaluate if their predictions came true.

– The learners will look at the set of words on the board and relate the

initial meaning to the real meaning of the word.

Very Important Points

– The learners will be given little pieces of paper where they will write the important points in the story. There will be a sharing afterwards.

D. Synthesis Activity

Writing and Coloring Activity (w/ Tree Bulletin Board)

– The learners will be given paper leaves to write on wherein they would put who is a giving person in their lives. Afterwards, they will color the leaves and stick it on the tree bulletin board.

IV. Evaluation


* The learners will answer a worksheet wherein they would put their own

Interpretation or understanding of the text.

Score: 81/100


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