HW 5: Personal Oral Language Development


The Existence Of Words

Language may seem like second nature to most of us, something innately tied to our bodily systems. We’ve been using it to communicate our ideas, to release our inner musings, and to relate to another human being. It is something we use so intimately, yet we rarely know what to answer when asked how we came to develop it.

For most of us, oral language development starts early in life – once we are born, and I am no exception. I cried my first cry not just to breathe in some fresh oxygen into my lungs but to communicate that I am here and that I am alive.

When I was a baby I never really cried often, I communicated through bodily movements and little noises. My parents never really knew the reason for my lack of crying and most of the people back then failed to notice that there was a baby in the house.

I wasn’t like most babies for I started talking quite early. During my ninth or tenth month I was already talking to my parents. My parents were my first role models with regards to speaking a language. They both used Tagalog and English in our household and this is the main reason why I grew up to be bilingual.

Though it is fairly nice to be bilingual, I found it painful to be one at times. I was always switching from one language to the next. I sometimes spoke in, “Taglish” which isn’t really a good habit. I often found myself looking for the right words to say , yearning to find the correct translation for a word or thought that I wanted to disinter.

When I was about four or five, I could always be found with a book stuck to my face and I still am quite the same until now. I have always loved reading and writing. Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why my oral language development also continued to develop rapidly as I grew up. My parents provided an environment where I can learn and grow through experience.

For there is no best teacher in the world, but experience.

Although I didn’t have any speech defect, I would often find myself stuttering and pausing whenever I’m engaged in a conversation or class discussion. It seems like I have developed a social anxiety from a young age that I could never really shake off until today. Yet, I’m thankful still, that I’ve developed quite well with regards to my oral language development.

I’ve come to connect each and every piece of the puzzle of my life and my language development. If my life didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have known words, and to never know words would mean to never know any other soul, or any thing.

I’m glad for my existence, and for the existence of words, for without them I would probably have lost a big part of who I am.

“The words why did they have to exist? Without them there wouldn’t be any of this.”

-Markus Zusak

Score: 100/100


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