HW 4: Reading Perspectives

Answers to Hermosa, 2002 (pp. 64-65)

Level 1: Literal Comprehension

4. What things does the speaker/ singer want to do?

Level 2: Interpretation

1. Who do you think is speaking in the song?

2. What kind of person is the speaker/ singer? Why?

5. Why is the dream impossible?

Level 3: Evaluation

3. Does the speaker/ singer have the qualities of a hero? Why or why not?

7. The word quixotic which comes from Quixote means “impractical, extravagantly romantic.” Do you think the quest in “The Impossible Dream” quixotic? Why or why not?

9. “The Impossible Dream” was the favorite song of the late Benigno Aquino, Jr. From what you know or have heard of him, do you think the song suited him? Why or why not?

10. What is the rhyme scheme of the song?

Level 4: Integration

6. What other dreams are impossible aside from those mentioned in the song?

8. Do you also have an impossible dream? What is it?

Level 5: Creative Reading

11. Add another stanza to the song. Follow the tone of the song by mentioning impossible or improbable quests. (Example: To win an Olympic Games gold/To climb to the top of Mayon)

Score: Waiting…


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